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To sign up for Special Events email klubkidz.diana@gmail.com

Klub Kidz just got a whole lot smarter!
We are now accepting CASHLESS payments from “Venmo”- a mobile app.
That’s right! You can pay us right from your mobile phone! Talk about CONVENIENT.
No more envelopes!
Download the app here https://venmo.com/, and add Miss Lori using the QR code below
PLEASE include the class/event you are paying for in the Notes.


**All parties, classes, and special events are NUT FREE!

Welcome to Klub Kidz. A mom and wife myself, I know how hectic the days can be. There are so many activities for you to choose from.
I consider it a privilege when your family participates in my activities!

My motto is “Play. Learn. Grow.”

I truly believe a child can learn a great deal from simply being a kid-PLAYING, MOVING, BEING SILLY, and just HAVING FUN!
I look forward to having you join me and my friends at the next class, and thanks for making me a part of your day,
~Miss Lori


Thank you for all who voted!

To sign up for Special Events email klubkidz.diana@gmail.com

“My kids last night couldn’t say enough about what fun they had. They each took a turn to tell their favorite thing they did. One thing that I loved was that they said “she is so fun but firm”. This makes them feel confident and safe. You have no idea how much this means to me. I love that my kids have fun but I want them to also know there are “rules” in life. That we can’t be rude or obnoxious without consequences. They have always known you have their best interest at heart and don’t let the unruly ones take over. And they saw the same in your son!!”

-Mom of 6- Parents Night Out

Mom of 6- Parents Night Out

Preschool Director

Ms. Lori offers a creative class that engages the children from start to finish! Each and every minute is filled with enthusiasm and energy that keeps everyone involved!

-St Peter’s Nursery School

Preschool Director