Creative Music


Every Friday Timmy & his Weebles friends sing and dance together!

🎶Join Timmy, a former BHP (behavioral health professional) and BAT(behavioral analyst) as well as CRMA and DCC (direct care counselor), as he uses his high energy, enthusiasm & humor in the development of your child’s large muscle, fine motor, brain development, and more, while teaching basic preschool skills, all through the love of music!

🎶Children are able to join along in the magic of making music with small instruments, while singing, dancing, and of course- listening, moving and following directions!

🎶Timmy’s love of music is the perfect creative outlet for your kiddos!

🎶As Miss Lori’s Son, the Apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree! As a child, Timmy attended many of Miss Lori’s classes learning the love of children.

Interested in having Timmy come to your child’s daycare or preschool? Email for more information 🙂