Food Policy

🎈Why Can’t We Serve Food?

Every so often we have a parent who is concerned about serving pizza or snacks. we can assure you that the children play 99% of the time; serving extra food is unnecessary. We’ve never had an issue, ever.

At Klub Kidz Parties, the emphasis is on:
•YOUR CHILD having Active FUN, and
•YOU SAVING time and money.

We keep it SIMPLE- No Food, Water Only, No Opening Presents, No Decorations. 💲👍🏻💲

Due to the growing concern of food allergies, and the regulations of Liability Insurance when serving food, the Gym and Klub Kidz have agreed to keep food (other than what is being served to your party guests at a designated time and in a designated area), out of the Gym.
We are Guests at the Gym and respect its Members, Rules, Facility and Equipment.

This allows the children MORE PLAY TIME- just what you’re paying for!

Because we run back-to-back parties, there is no time to decorate or to undecorate. Instructors need this time for setup and cleanup.

We appreciate your cooperation,
~Klub Kidz & Gym Management