Kidz Konnect


Miss Lori & the Klub Kidz Team are PROUD to introduce…

🔗Kidz Konnect- connecting children with special needs, to the world around them!

🔗Kidz Konnect is geared toward children who:
Are on the autism spectrum, Have sensory issues, or Have intellectual disabilities.

🔗Over the years I’ve been approached about doing such classes, and now I’m blessed to have Tim on my Klub Kidz Team! He has held several positions working with children and young adults with such unique conditions, and this is his passion and specialty!

🔗A one hour low key, simple structured environment where Kidz will be moving, learning, smiling, playing, but most importantly… KONNECTING with their world!

🔗 Our goal is to stimulate your Kidz senses with music and creative movement activities.

“I was a direct care counselor, trained in ABA, a behavioral analyst technician, I got my BHP so I was also a behavioral health professional, and worked in specialized section 28 and did RCS Work.” -Timmy

🔗 Must be accompanied by an adult. (Parent, PA, assistant ect)

🔗 $10 per child 

🔗 $5 for siblings