Magic Matches Birthday Party

🎈Harry Potter Parties

⚡️Two Hours of Quidditch, Magical Challenges, and FUN!

Thank you for choosing Miss Lori’s Klub Kidz for your child’s party on
at Sportsite Health & Racquet Club-315 Cotuit Rd in Sandwich.

We will make sure that this will be an organized and FUN experience for YOU, Your CHILD, & Your GUESTS.
What you’ll need:

🎈Candles & Matches
🎈Water Bottles
🎈Goody Bags
⚡️Robes, Wands, and themed attire are encouraged!

The balance is $300* and can be made in cash or a check made out to MISS LORI, THANK YOU!



⚡️At Drop-off, we take down the phone numbers of parents who will be leaving the gym.

⚡️All coats, gifts & food will be kept outside of the studio during playtime.

⚡️Once all of your guests have arrived, the activities will begin.

⚡️Play time will end 20-30 minutes before the end of the party. All players will gather equipment and clear obstacles before cupcakes are served.

⚡️Cupcakes/cake- provided by you-will be served to the children while they sit on the parachute.

⚡️If serving cupcakes, please refrain from bringing plates. They become a “balancing act”.
Thanks in advance.

⚡️Food & snacks (other than cupcakes or cake) are NOT PERMITTED. Children are allowed to eat on the parachute at a designated time only. While parents are welcome to stay & play, food and drinks are not permitted to be served at any time.

⚡️NO juice, sports drinks or soda are allowed. Water bottles only.
Thanks for your cooperation.

⚡️PLEASE‼️PLEASE‼️PLEASE‼️label water bottles BEFORE the party!

⚡️When the children are finished eating, the birthday child can hand out goody bags at the Juice Bar, as they are dismissed.

⚡️We trust you’ll find this to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience!
Take pictures, join in, or sit back and enjoy watching!

Klub Kidz Provides:
“Brooms”, Pinnies, Goals, Quaffle, Bludgers & even the Snitch!

⚡️Age Requirement : All Guests should be capable of understanding and participating in Team games such as soccer or hockey. Quidditch is a combination of dodgeball & soccer-type games.
⚡️Guests are divided into 2-4 teams: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin & Ravenclaw before directions are given.
⚡️A Snitch Runner, Time Keeper and Score Keeper are chosen.
Parents or older siblings are encouraged to play too!
⚡️Guests play Quidditch-scoring goals, trying to catch the Snitch and earning points.
⚡️Each Magical Birthday Adventure ends with a Mischievous Activity- something silly, messy or musical- who knows? 🤔
⚡️The team with the most points-WINS!


Party Hints:

🎉When sending out Invitations, it’s a good idea to mention what you’ll be serving: “Cupcakes & water will be served”. Guests with food allergies will be able to come prepared with a similar “snack” for their child.

🎉IT IS VERY HELPFUL to mention short sleeves & comfy play clothes in your invitation. Costumes & long sleeves are very HOT! We PLAY~PLAY~PLAY and get VERY sweaty!

🎉Don’t forget to mention in your invitations that your Guests are free to bring their own brooms and wands!

🎉Please plan to arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before your scheduled party time. Our Staff will not be available earlier as we need time between parties & classes for set up & clean up. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation!

🎉Don’t forget candles & matches!

🎉K.I.S.S “Keep it Simple Silly”- children don’t sweat the small stuff so why should you? Decorations are not allowed in the gym.

🎉It’s recommended to bring the gifts home to open. This gives the kids more play time!

🎉Thank You’s included in the Goody Bags is a GREAT time saving idea & follows proper party etiquette: “Thank you for your generous gift” OR “Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!” One less thing to do after the party is over!

🎉Goody Bag Suggestion: Rather than filling up little bags with candy and other “throw aways”, consider single items to hand out: balls, wands, crowns, hoola hoops, pool noodles, etc.🤔

Thanks again for the opportunity to share in your child’s special day.
We look forward to it!

Feel free to Text Miss Lori with questions or concerns ANYTIME at 774-353-7143.

⚡️Mistress Lori, Master of Mischievous Adventures!

*Price includes Gym Rental and Klub Kidz fee. Price is subject to change without notice.