Long Time Client

My family and I have happily been enjoying the services Miss Lori provides for the past 9 years.
My oldest has been a part of her homeschool fit classes for years! He has made wonderful friends and burned a ton of energy. He has learned the rules to hundreds of games and is able to get a group of kids to play something at the pond, park, or family parties – I didn’t teach him these games!
Before he participated in the homeschool classes he enjoyed her classes geared for preschoolers. Here, as with the homeschool classes, he learned rules, sharing, sportsmanship, stewardship, and how to listen to another adult and follow directions.
My youngest this year started attending the homeschool classes and LOVES! He thoroughly enjoys the music, games, and making friends. My youngest has also participated in other free play classes and is always challenged to try something new, be patient, and have fun!
My husband and I enjoy the pizza party night time drop off events as it allows us a night out while our kids have a blast playing, dancing, eating, singing, jumping, and sometimes chilking out to get cozy with friends and watch a movie. My boys also enjoy her Nerf War gatherings! The lights go out, the music pumps and their imaginations run wild, I can feel their excitement typing about it!
Miss Lori is one of the most sincere people I know, she is upbeat and kind to the core. Her enegery level astounds me! Her ability to keep 30 plus children safely happily playing and learning is a miracle in my opinion.
Both of my children adore her and look forward to her classes every week!
The prices are reasonable and you can pay as you go or pay in advance for a discounted rate.
I trust my children with Miss Lori and that’s the biggest testimonial! She is alert, focused, and beautiful inside and out.