Miss Lisa, Preschool Teacher

Miss Lori is hands down amazing! She has been coming to my class now for over 2 years and my kids love her and all of us teachers do too! She walks into my Preschool Classroom of 20+ children on some days and they see her and yell “Miss Lori” and all go running to her! They ask in the mornings almost every day if it’s a Miss Lori day! She comes in and teaches them fun and exciting games like Gaga Ball, Snow ball fights, Andy’s coming and even has them throw some stinky trash(with shower poofs)! and they all love a good Dance Party with her too!Miss Lori is so creative! She teaches the kids to work together, how to follow directions, use listening ears, all while they are running around and having fun!She does it with such ease that most of them are laughing, smiling and before she’s leaving asking when she’s coming back! She can take a large group of children and just like that they are listening and ready to play! She is THE best! -Miss Lisa, Preschool Teacher