Preschool Teacher

Brilliant, creative, and then….a touch of pure magic! Miss Lori is all this and so much more!

Miss Lori has been joining my preschool classroom for over 2 years. Yet every time she joins us, I am left believing…just when I couldn’t be more amazed or impressed with her talents and gifts…… I find myself dumfounded at what she just managed to accomplish before my very eyes.

The genuine, overwhelming enthusiasm demonstrated by the preschoolers who are engaging with Miss Lori, for the second or third time….speaks volumes….. However, even if it is the first time around, that a student is encouraging Miss Lori…. it is pretty instantaneous connection she manages to make.

Whether Miss Lori is working with a group of 20 or 30 kiddos, her genius, intuitive mind, can read personalities and gear the particular activities to engage EVERY student…… and at the same time, she is navigating lessons of team work, cooperation and courtesy.

truly, one cannot accurately convey just how astonishing Miss Lori is…..

The only way to believe it, is to witness it first hand.

She is positively extraordinary!

-Preschool Teacher